Email Marketing

The Best Email Marketing Strategy

The highly effective digital marketing strategy of sending emails to customers and prospects is known as email marketing.
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Why use email marketing for your business?

Businesses that Use email marketing achieve the following goals: 

“Business has only two functions — marketing and innovation.”

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Send beautiful emails with just a few clicks

How Its Works??
It's As Easy As creating. Send. Track.

Create a Contact List

The contact list holds your recipient's detail such as email address, and first name. The email address format is used to group your recipients. All contacts in your email campaign's recipient list receive the email.

Import / Add Contacts

you can add contacts individually or you can import recipients from a CSV file. Use your contact list when you need to add hundreds of recipients to your contact list. Use the "Add Contact" form to add individual contacts to your contact list.

Design Email

Design your email with a catchy headline. The first rule you should remember when creating an email write for your readers, not for yourself.

Send an Email Campaign

You can send it right away or schedule it for later. You can choose multiple contact lists to blast your email campaign.

Track Result

Who opened your email and when? Which link they Clicked? Find answers to such questions. Get the complete email campaign statistics such as
1. Email Opens
2. Bounces
3. Link clicks
4. Unsubscribes