IVR System

IVR System for Businesses

Transform your Business with Interactive Voice Response System.
Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) from Authlinq is an automated business phone system aspect that grants users and callers to collaborate with a computer-operated phone system with voice and DTMF tone input via a keypad.
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Handle unlimited calls and be there for your customers 24*7

Greet your customers with a personalized welcome message anytime they call you and provide 24*7 support with IVR.

IVR: A game-changer for your business productivity!

When Do Businesses Use an IVR Number?

Automate Customer Care

Provide the callers with an option to self-serve while automating routine queries

Collect Feedback

An efficient method for conducting a survey or collecting feedback from callers is the IVR System/ Dialer.

After Hours Customer Support

Play a pre-recorded message so people know that you are closed & the hours of your office for post office calls.

Personalized Experience

Customize your IVR's messaging and flow to the location, transaction history, or other relevant information of your callers.

Reduce Operational Costs

IVR systems take the place of a receptionist or customer service representative who takes calls and passes them on to agents.

Improve First Call Resolution

To avoid call transfer and boost customer satisfaction, direct callers to the most appropriate department and agent.